T H E   C I T Y      B R I C K   L A N E

a book in the making by paul trevor

IN YOUR FACE is three things:
IN YOUR FACE features a small area in central London, not far from the Bank of England. It focuses on people in The City, the money market, and Brick Lane, a nearby street market. The photos explore the two places through a series of spontaneous close-ups. It offers an unusual portrait of market forces in action.

The proposed book will be of triptychs. The immediate editing challenge is to find the best possible combinations. IN YOUR FACE offers a novel way of doing this. Like a fruit machine, it allows you to 'spin' the images and 'hold' pairs and singles depending where you click. It's not difficult to discover how it works - there are seven clicking options.

Your suggestions for triptych combinations are welcomed. For the present, email the image numbers (from Source) to paul@ellipsis.co.uk - later a simpler means may be found.

Check out work-in-progress...

Brick Lane

The City

photos:   paul trevor © 1998
design:   paultrevor/jonathan moberly

launch:   25 November 1998

T H E   C I T Y      B R I C K   L A N E